Thursday, February 17, 2011

What to do during February Vacation Week

(1) Come to the LIBRARY. Yiss! we are OPEN.

(2) Bring the librarian some coffee; she might be bored too.
Karmic Points!

(3) Go to the Frisoli Youth Center for their TEEN EXTREME WEEK.

(4) Listen to audiobook you checked out of the library while you vacuum the house

Karmic Points!

(5) Make popcorn and have movie marathon with DVDs you rented from library.

(6) Start a band.

(7) Read this, freak out and start checking yourself for symptoms on WebMD.

(8) Make something out of a t-shirt.

(9) Cook some food.

(10) Breathe & stretch.

(11) Clone yourself.

(12) Document your vacation week in words and pictures.


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