Monday, October 7, 2013


Let me tell you about the scariest thing in the world: a mask. A person wearing a mask in a place where people usually don't wear masks? Call 9-11. A man in a business suit and a mask walking down the street? RUN. It has been well documented that of all the masks in the world the scariest one is the floppy sack mask. Gah! Look at it! So horrifying! Do a google image search for floppy sack mask! I didn't even post the worst one!
In that spirit (woOoOoOoo--ghosty pun!) here's a great list of 20 of the Scariest Movie Masks. They are not all floppy sack masks, but some of them are almost equally horrifying (check out Alice, Sweet Alice.)
The list DOES leave off the scariest mask movie I've ever seen, so your spooky post tomorrow will be devoted to a movie so frightening that it took me several months to even watch the TRAILER all the way through.


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