Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It's October, chickens.

Your teen librarians are nothing if not dedicated to scaring the pants off you in the month of October. So dedicated, in fact, that we're going to post about something frighty--a book, a movie, a website, a TV show, a spooky looking tree we found. Maybe even a TRUE TALE that ACTUALLY HAPPENED to us--every day this month. Every single day.

I'm going to start the month off with a classic. A little MJ. This is tame, guys. We're going to build slowly. The first time I saw this video I was at a roller skating rink. They had a little booth you could skate into, take a rest, and watch videos on this big screen. I ended up sitting there for the rest of the night, terrified. My sister had to come get me.

p.s. Do you guys know what a roller skating rink is? Leave you guesses in the comments.


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