Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday Tech Tips: Back to School

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Happy first week back!  It is always so exciting to see both new and familiar faces in the Teen Room.  I hope you are all having a good time settling in and starting a new year.

We have had a change in our computer sign-up procedure in the Teen Room.  This happened late in the last school year, so you may be encountering it for the first time this fall.  You need the exact same information to sign in as you always have: your library card number and PIN (personal identification number a.k.a. password).  The difference is you now sign up using a laptop at the librarians' desk and that laptop will assign you to a computer in the room.

There is a reason for this new system and it is a good one!  You will now be able to sign up for unlimited hour-long computer sessions while the Teen Room is open! 

Remember before when you only got ONE HOUR in the Teen Room?  Okay, now you get AS MANY AS YOU WANT.*  But for that to work we had to route it through this sign-up system.  Thems the breaks, kids.

If you have any questions about this come and ask us -- we are happy to help!


In other WTT news, the library is offering free beginner's computer classes starting TONIGHT from 6:00-8:00PM at the Main Library.  Classes are first come, first served and they are very popular so hustle on over if you are interested!

*This does mean you can no longer use inadequate computer time as an excuse for not finishing your assignments, y'all...


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