Monday, August 12, 2013

Shark Week Musings


Thanks Daily Dot!

I always have mixed feelings about Shark Week, and it turns out I'm not the only one.  This year included some egregious misinformation, which were called out by both shark scientists and Wil WheatonDavid Shiffman's summary over at Wired includes the best, the worst, and the Hasselhoff.

While I want to continue enjoying both nature documentaries and fine films like Sharknado, I hope that all of us living by the sea can find and pass on accurate facts about these endangered animals.  Which are cool as heck. 

Here's hoping that knowing about sharks makes them less scary to your average Joe and will stop stuff like this.

Hey, what do you think?  Do you think it's okay for information to be misleading or inaccurate if the content is entertaining?  Or do you think we're all smart enough to figure out what is real and what isn't and what Discovery did isn't such a big deal?


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