Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I mean, come on.
There always comes a point at the end of the summer, or the end of a vacation, or the end of a long weekend, or the last minutes of sunlight on a single day off, that I go into a panic because I have not read as much as I was planning to when said vacation was spread in front of me.

With that in mind I feel a little guilty laying a booklist roundup on you so close to the end of summer. But one of them is a list of books that don't even exist yet, so take a deep breath, and take a look...

TRASHY READS (via Flavorwire)
This is the only true "booklist" I'm including, meaning it's ALL books, and they all exist. Most available at your local library (ahem). Oh man, there are some amazing trashy books on this list, that have been SO MANY people's first introduction to topics people may not want young folks to know about. And they are salacious and page-turning and as good as staring at a Real Housewives marathon, I promise you. I have been meaning to read Scruples since I was about 12 years old. Before the summer is over! New goal!

FEMINIST SYLLABUS (also via Flavorwire)
 This list is cool because it's not just books, it's movies, youtube clips, songs, TV shows, art, you name it. Feminism is a huge, sprawling study and you'll find a lot of different ideas, presentations and styles on this list. I'd like to personally put in a plug for Julia Sugarbaker and her rant about ladies enjoying the company of other ladies. PREACH IT, JULIA SUGARBAKER! 

I like this idea. We're able to follow the lives of musicians, actors, writers and artists we admire minute to minute to second these days, but their story might change with some space and perspective. Something to keep in mind as you pass through TMZ...


  1. The library needs a trashy reads book club.

    Just sayin'...