Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Firecracker by David Iserson

If anyone in publishing would listen to me, I would tell her that what YA fiction needs is more funny books.  All the funny books are being written for grade school kids, an audience that loses it over poop jokes.  (I mean, okay, those can be hilarious, but it's like shooting fish in a barrel.) 

Meanwhile, once you hit puberty your life becomes a total nightmare and heaven knows you could use a good laugh.
So thank you, David Iserson, thank you.
Acerbic and ruthless, Astrid Krieger is used to things going her way.  Because her family is very, very rich.  And because her grandfather taught her never to let anyone stop her from having everything she wants.

For the purposes of this story (because it's a story about me, Astrid Krieger), all you really need to know about my family is that we have always been what people would like to call "the bad guys."

Astrid doesn't have friends, and she doesn't want any.  She doesn't like you, doesn't see the point of doing nice things for other people, and knows she's pretty much better than anyone.  She is also hilarious.  And now that she's been kicked out of Bristol Academy and is forced to attend public school, she may have met her Waterloo.

If the recommendation of this seasoned librarian is not enough, check out this book trailer.  David Iserson is ALSO a writer for SNL and New Girl, so he knows some people.


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