Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fantastic voyages

Since I don't know when I will get to stay here or here or here, I can always dream up a perfect vacation in a fictional land.  Think about it, isn't there someplace from a book you wish was real?  Maybe Howl's Moving CastleDefinitely the Library in Kelly Link's short story," Magic for Beginners".  Or the island of Nation in Terry Pratchett's Nation (minus an attack by cannibals, please).  Over at Book Riot, readers share their travel plans...

Of course another time-honored vacation route is traveling through time, and I've found a new favorite site to do it!  Retronaut* is an fantastic collection of images from the 1700s onward.  You can browse aimlessly, or examine categories like "Posters and Postcards" or clusters like "Airships."

Yes, you read that correctly: AIRSHIPS.

 To say nothing of gems like these:

*Sigh of DEEP SATISFACTION*  I'll bet you anything those are selling for a lot more on EBay nowadays...

*Thanks again to Alyssa, steward of the CPL Archives, for the tip!  See guys?  You never know when seemingly fuddy-duddy librarians are going to lead you straight to Chuck Norris.  Who knows? maybe we are all sporting Action Jeans too -- always ready for hand-to-hand combat.


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