Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Post: Teen Advisory Board

Before everyone heads off to a glorious summer, here's some advice from Aicha...

Why Everyone Should Watch Downton Abbey

OK, so, I am one of those crazy fanatics who love Downton Abbey, you know who you are, that British soap opera show, full of “old people”.  (It’s not actually, it follows a family from 1914 through 1920, through World War I.)

I know what you’re thinking, bla-bla-bla , history, who cares?

Guys, it’s actually a really great show and I’m here to tell you why everyone should watch it.

1. The Characters are so loveable!!

2. The set is beau-ti-ful and the clothes are absolutely ravishing!

3. The drama is intense and and many cliff hangers and shockers!

4. You will laugh and cry.

5. All people who love British stuff and/or just history in general, it’s a must see!  But you don’t have to like history, my sister hates history and loves this show!

So what are you are waiting for! Go watch it now!


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