Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Tech Tips: 50 Best Websites from TIME

I had myself a good time yesterday checking out TIME Magazine's 50 favorites sites of 2013.  (I know, the year isn't even half over but go figure.)

Among my favorites was My Permissions, which touches on a subject we've talked about a lot in the WTT: your online privacy.  This humble little site keeps track of the sites and services that require you to click some version of a "I Agree with These Terms and Conditions" button.  My Permissions gives you the breakdown of what exactly you're allowing companies to do with your information, updates you on any changes in policy, and helps you take back control if necessary.

If you've ever decided to delete your Facebook account, you know that it is not as easy as setting up that account in the first place.  That's 'cause businesses don't want to let you go, and they DEFINITELY don't want to let your data go.  So thanks, My Permissions, for letting us know when our info is being passed around.

Another nifty site from TIME's list is TWiT (This Week in Tech) where you can get schooled by folks far more tech-savvy than me.

Finally, I would be a bad librarian if I didn't mention Digital Public Library of America, collecting and digitizing books, images, historic records, and audiovisual materials from libraries, universities, and museums so that everyone can access it! 

Turning this:
Raiders of the Lost Ark. Paramount Pictures 1981.

Into this:

And you know where it all started?  Right here in Cambridge, MA y'all.  Because if there is knowledge we are all up in it.


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