Thursday, May 30, 2013

New books poem!

Lots and lots of new books have arrived in the Teen Room -- yippee!  One of our cataloging librarians, the erudite and dedicated Dan, has written a poem based on their titles.  Enjoy!

The Present Addresses the Past

I’ll be openly straight with you,
even after the lives we lost
together are gone forever.

I dare you
to reboot the program, transform
the outsiders into insiders.

Let them be absent no longer in the
unbreakable transparent world
hiding its mojo inside our dreams.

If you find me wild awake, it will be
because the monsters of men have
gathered with the stone demon
to rise up whatever toxic
pandemonium they can stir.

Awakening from our long slumber, will we
still hear the murmuring zombie underground,
smell the rot and ruin from the zombie city, and
be reminded of what happens

when we do not get back before dark?

After we’ve been rescued
from the riptide of our worst nightmares,
some stranger will be
hovering above us when we wake,
singing your praises, but chanting a litany
of all the symptoms of my insanity.

Each of us will have a simultaneous realization that
the time for angel experiments has passed.


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