Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Tech Tips: E-Readin'

What's up, guys?  Did you know you can borrow a Nook e-reader from the library?  It is awfully nice to have if you're going away for a few days and don't know what you're in the mood for.  You can't download titles yourself, but each device is pre-loaded with a selection of in-demand books.

Stephen Collins:
And we have two dedicated to YA reads, with a third on the way!  Want to spend the whole weekend reading everything by John Green or Allyson Condie?  Now you can, without toting around 50 pounds.  Plus, there are short novellas from your favorite series that are only available electronically -- we've got those too!  If there is a book you think we should put on the Nook, please tell us.
If you've got a smartphone there are a slew of books you can read for free.  Remember a few weeks back when we were talking about copyright?  Mercifully, many many great books (some of which you may be reading for a class) are in THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.  Usually because the author is dead, but sometimes because an author will voluntarily make his or her book available.  In either case, this is why you can download them for free and why they will be made into BBC miniseries, world without end.
I read ebooks mostly on my smartphone because it is just easier.  You install an app, you browse around, you download a book = DONE.  Google Books is good; I also use Moon+ Reader and Aldiko.
Next week I will talk about Overdrive and how you can "check out" e-books for free from the library.  Bring a snack, because it is going to take a while.


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