Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Today's Poem: Reading Comics Books in the Rain

The words in small white balloons
slide into each other under an ink mist

as the paper puckers. I strain my eyes
to read the slippery words aloud

to the girl who has mashed her cheek
into my wet shoulder as the world within

the cheap newsprint turns
flimsy and pulpy. Looking back, I realise

we shoud've stayed in that four-color world
a little longer. Escape for as long

as we could. Stave off Topeka, Kansas,
the whole goddamn world, by falling

into another one. The panels may bleed
beyond their borders, but stay contained in our hands.

The world outside bears down
like a freight train. But on that day,

a good day for reading comics,
she presses into my arm, eager to see,

and we indulge in the power
to inhabit a world a page removed from our own.


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