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Guest Post: Teen Advisory Board

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Ok, Naughts and Crosses* is my favorite book. There is no competition. It's by Malorie Blackman and if you have not read this book, drop whatever you are doing and READ this book. It's that simple. Plot: Parallel Universe where Black people (Crosses) oppress White people (Naughts), but at the same time, there is a forbidden relationship between Sephy, an upper class Cross and Callum, a second-citizen Naught.

Why is this book so good? Less is more is so true in this book. The writing is straight-forward, but the simple language accentuates the emotions of the characters to perfection. Oh, don't even get me started on the characters! I love Callum; that's my homie, my favorite character, but Sephy is just amazing too. The romance is heart-felt, but it is not mushy-gushy; there are not that many love scenes, which makes each one even more important to the reader. The plot is so unpredictable, even for an experienced reader like me and the action just makes your heart pound. I also just love the concept of this book; it's so unique and fresh. If you're an exhausted bookworm who seen the same stuff over and over again, this book is for you.

In conclusion, this movie NEEDS to be a movie. But it's not. Although it was very popular in England (it is a British book) and over there, it was even turned into a play. But across the water, barely anyone knows about it. It only had 100 likes on Facebook! And that needs to change, because the book is so fricking good.

This book makes Twilight look like it died in a hole, The Hunger Games look like child's play and it even gives Harry Potter a run for its money.

This book could easily be turned into a blockbuster film, for many reasons. It could really appeal to everyone, the old, the young, the action-lovers, the lovers, the men, the women, Black, White, Latino, everyone! The unique concept of the book could make it a very artsy, very intellectual sort of film and turn into an Oscar film, but at the same time, be marketed to all teenagers because of the action and the romance. The girls would love the romance and swoon at Callum, and the book could be an intense action-suspense movie, which the guys would really love to. (I am not being sexist, I do think that a macho guy could totally love a romance and a girl could really get into the action too, like I did, but I am just saying what marketers would see.) This movie really does have something for everyone, while at the same time, it has an important message that everyone should listen to.

Although I hated The Hunger Games book, I LOVED the movie. I just loved everything about it; the scenery , the way the action and romances was set up and the way the movie was made in general. I want Naughts and Crosses to made like The Hunger Games; so I want Gary Ross and Malorie Blackman to create the screenplay.

Callum: Liam Hemsworth

Image: Tom Sorensen

Sephy: Quvenzhane Wallis


I love the idea of Quvenzhane Wallis playing the part when she is older, because she’s such a talented actress at such a young age , but I am not sure that Liam could still do the part at that age. And I would honestly love for breakout artists to play either Sephy, Callum or both.

Sephy’s Dad: Samuel.L.Jackson

Image: pinguino k

YES, that guy can be SO Scary! Yes! But still kinda nice at the same time, because Sephy’s dad is a prime minister.

Sephy's Mom: Viola Davis

Image: Chrisa Hickey

Minerva(Minnie): Gabourey Sidibe

Image: Greg Hernandez

Callum’s Dad: I love Matt Damon, for this part; he has this lovable way about him that people could totally get into him. Or maybe Leonardo Dicaprio? Tons of guys could play this part.

Image: nicholas genin
Image: Colin Chou

Jude, Callum’s brother: Josh Hutcherson!!!

Image: Eva Rinaldi

Callum's Mom: Marion Cotillard

Image: nicogenin

I love Marion Cotillard and Matt Damon as parents!!! So those are my suggestions! Any others? Other characters are too insignificant to give stars to. Would love to discuss this!

So this make this into a movie! Someone, email a Hollywood script-writer, a director, an actor, or something! LET’S MAKE THIS MOVIE HAPPEN!

*The book was retitled Black and White for U.S. distribution. 


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