Monday, February 4, 2013

Guest Post: Teen Advisory Board

This week's post is from Meaza!

This is my very first blog post, ever. I wanted to write something memorable and thought provoking. I expected inspiration to hit me spontaneously and my inner inspired writer would be able to pull words out of me that reached a level of deepness even I didn’t know existed, sadly my life being real (and not written by J.K. Rowling, Sarah Dessen or Alexandra Harvey ) … my inner writer still remains hidden.

I live by many on the spot yet long lasting philosophies. The first one:

“If you’re never going to see someone again why would you care what they might think about you?”

I use this philosophy to justify my … let’s just call them my loud moments in public. Of course this doesn’t mean that I go around terrifying random strangers in public but when I’m out with friends and we’re all being loud and obnoxious, your average-group of teenagers. I don’t want to be the only one not enjoying herself because she’s self-conscious. Chances are those people who looked at me while I jammed out in public, or did any of the many things one can do to embarrass themselves in public, will probably forget about me within the next minute, some of them may even applaud my sense of expression, I may cause a flashback to their years of rebellion, maybe they might even envy how much fun I seem to be having.

Second philosophy:

“You have enough reality in life, why read about it too?”

Books are for a quick healthy escape to an alternate universe where the laws of physics and common sense don’t necessarily don’t have to apply. I’ll admit I have read books based on true stories and biographies but those books I like to think are an escape too. Often people who have written books about their lives, or had books written about their lives have lived incredible adventures and for me that lands right on the borderline of reality and fantasy.

I love reading realistic fiction and paranormal books because they open up a world for new logic. Where being strong and fast and gifted is an everyday part of life, when words are given a powerful affect and meaning. Have you ever stopped to think about the book you’re reading? Literally? Thought about what inspired the author? Thought about what formed the details, the step by step ?

If you haven’t yet I encourage you to find that one, or multiple books, that inspire you to ask and want to answer these type of questions. If we are supposed to learn from the books we read, might as well learn our way. Who knows maybe you’ll make your own long lasting philosophies as well…


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