Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Tech Tips: Browser Errors


Has this happened to you?  You're trying to get to a webpage and an error message pops up instead?  Why won't they let you forge ahead and what the heck do they mean anyway?

How To Geek has a helpful tutorial on six common errror messages.  Chances are you're failing to reach your destination because:

(A) a malware threat has been detected. Malware ("malicious software") may try to jack your passwords, credit card info, or send gross emails to everyone in your address book.

(B) the page no longer exists. This is sad, but what can you do?

(C) you typed it wrong.

(D) the website is down, the network is down, or the singularity is at hand.

Since CPL does not use filtering software on the public computers this should not be the reason why you cannot access a web page.  But every now and then there's a hiccup; if you think that's the case, ask your librarian for assistance.  


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