Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ball, more balls, civil rights and more

Happy Wednesday everybody!  Some entertaining and informative links for you today.

  • FAFSA Day is coming up this Sunday, January 27.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to apply for financial aid for college.  CRLS will have experts available at 1:00 to answer your questions but YOU NEED TO REGISTER.  Go here

  • SMITH Magazine is releasing another collection of six-word memoirs, this time from students.  You can see some lovely examples here.

  • The media is continuing to weigh in on Obama's inauguration.  The clothes!  The celebs!  The music!

This cake:
Served at the party for Obama's staff and campaign workers with Lady Gaga in attendance.

  • Speaking of parties to die for, this Pride and Prejudice ball -- how do I get in?  C'mon, I can quadrille with the best of them.
  • wants you and your friends to experience the civil rights movement by playing Activist Text.  Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of this critical time in history, but you could win a $3000 scholarship.


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