Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guest Post: Teen Advisory Board!

Brought to you by Marshall!
Hey everyone, it's Marshall, here to bring you updates on all the stuff going on in the library's Teen Room and to give recommendations on some of my favorite books.

First things first, the Teen Room is going to continue putting on cartoons once a month. But we need people to actually show up. That falls on you to show up or else the cartoons are going to go bye-bye. Moving on, the Teen Room is going to hold a Jeapordy-style competition in which the winning team receives some awesome prizes. The answers can be found in the books on display behind the glass case as soon as you walk into the room. So hurry up to make your teams, and start reading.

Moving on to books, recommendations, and upcoming books, the Teen Room has a Stephen King section which I, personally, had never seen before. I recommend the books Cell, The Shining, and Carrie, as well as Salem's Lot and any other Stephen King book you can find. His books are legendary. For those supernaturalists, don't fret. Several new books will be coming out in the next 3 months to keep everyone busy, including my favorite Bloodlines series. The 3rd one from the wildly successful spinoff series of Vampire Academy drops in February so be prepared. Also, the second book from the Anna Dressed in Blood Series is already out, so check the library for that as well.

If anything, the Teen Room is about to become a lot more interesting. So stay tuned for the latest from the Library and for updates on events coming near you. Stay classy everyone.


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