Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weird and Worrisome Wikipedia

There's a huge display of terrifying books in the Teen Room right now. Do monsters scare you? We've got monsters. Do aliens scare you? We've got aliens. Do ghosts scare you? We've got ghosts. Do demons scare you? We've got demons. Do your fellow humans scare you? We've got plenty of humans who are up to no good.

If you want to read about real life scary things (or at least things that scare people in real life), just click on over to The Hairpin! They've made an amazing list of Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark. Dang. And here you thought Wikipedia was just for finding out where Channing Tatum grew up, or cramming as much knowledge about Alexander the Great into your head as you can before the big test. Oh, no, no, guys. It's also for being scared out of your pants.

The ones about haunted pets shook me up the most (especially the one about the haunted bridge where dogs commit suicide! Ahhhh!). But read through and decide for yourself. You think it's going to be like homework, then you're not going to be able to sleep....


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