Friday, October 19, 2012

Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker

Lacey has lived her sixteen years guided by her faith and especially by her father, who is the children's pastor at their church.  Lacey has always been the sort of girl who didn't take center stage, but this year she wants something different.  This year, Lacey is hoping for the coveted role of Abortion Girl in her church's Hell House* production.

Lacey gets the role, but not in the way she expected.  She's also falling in love with a boy her parents don't entirely approve of.  For the first time, Lacey starts to question her church and her faith.  How can she hope to save others through her role in Hell House when she has so many doubts herself?

Sensitive handling of a sensational subject, Small Town Sinners is a sympathetic picture of a teen finding out just how strong she is.

I give this book three candy corns!

*A Hell House, like a haunted house, is staged around Halloween.  Demonic guides lead viewers through dramatic scenes of botched abortions, drunk driving crashes, domestic violence, etc. in an effort to convert the unsaved.  The documentary Hell House gives an in-depth view of a Hell House in Texas.


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