Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reaper by the Dozen

If you haven't read Gina D'Amico's Croak go forth and read that puppy forthwith!  If you HAVE, then rejoice! because the sequel, Scorch continues apace with snarkiness, mystery, betrayal, accidental damnation and more weird discoveries about the Grimsphere.

Lex has returned to Croak burdened both by guilt and the whammy of all damnation powers.  While her guilt over her twin's death is somewhat alleviated by finding her happily building roller coasters in the afterlife, Lex is ostracized by most of Croak, along with her fellow Junior reapers.  It's not long before Zara's devastating attacks resume and Lex, Uncle Mort and their friends find themselves fleeing and fighting for their lives.

So much to love about this series!  First of all, the Grimsphere -- where the reapers carry on their business -- is a kooky and vivid imaginary realm.  If you've already visited the town of Croak, get ready for DeMyse, which is Vegas gone down the Rabbit Hole.

Then there's Lex, who I empathized with from page one: she's out-of-control angry but she can't always explain why.  Without going too far down the feminist path, a message that is laid on thick is that it is not okay for girls to get angry, and if they do it comes from some illogical, unreasonable, heaven-forbid emotional place.  To be told this is, well, infuriating.

Lex gets mad and gets even.  Sure she struggles with guilt and the consequences of punching people in the face, to say nothing of damning them for all eternity.  But it's her decisions that get judged, not her feelings.  Which is something rage-filled teens should appreciate.

Something else to appreciate? No. Freaking. Love. Triangles.  Yet still plenty of smoochy times between Lex and Driggs whenever they can evade the watchful eyes of Uncle Mort.

I give it 4 candy corns. 

More Halloweeny recommendations headed your way!  Have you got any of your own you'd like to share?


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