Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Diviners by Libba Bray

Remember how I was complaining about supernatural-problem-solvers a little while back?  Well Libba Bray's new Diviners series is the exception to the rule.  Heck, she could write about baby seal clubbing and I would get behind it.  I LOVE YOU, LIBBA BRAY.

(Yow!  Will that come up in her Google alerts tomorrow?  I hope so.)

Evie O'Neill has a penchant for the spotlight and for getting into trouble, so of course her parents decide to send her from Ohio to New York City to stay with her Uncle Will.  Uncle Will runs a museum dedicated to folklore and the occult and shortly after Evie's arrival he is called in to assist in the investigation of a gruesome ritual murder.  Evie is determined to help, and she has a unique talent that may unmask the murderer...

If you hear historical fiction and want to punch something, this the book will change your mind.  Reminiscent of Se7en, the X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer it is still it's very own Truly Great Tale.  It doesn't hurt that The Diviners is set in the Roaring 20s, the best time period for fashion hands down.  Stop trying to bring back the poncho and flash back to this classy era, Garment Industry! 

Just take a squint:

BE WARNED: At 578 pages this book will give you a wrist cramp because once you begin reading you will be unable to set it down.  I knew this book would be witty and outrageous with character revelations, thrilling derring-do and speakeasies.  What I did not know is that it was going to be off the charts creepy.

Did I mention how much I love this woman?  Run, do not walk, to the library and get a copy of this book before they're all gone.  Then settle in with some candy corn -- after double checking that the doors are locked and that the weird sound in the basement is only the clothes dryer -- and get spooked.


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