Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scarred You For LIFE??

One of my favorite sites for booklists is Flavorwire -- they do them in a great slideshow fashion, and their topics are usually unique and hilarious. I was excited when I saw this one -- 10 YA Books That Scarred Us For Life.

It's a fun list to look thought, but... uh, really? Hatchet scarred you for life? The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe? Scarred you for LIFE?

Some of those titles aren't actually YA, so I'd like to propose my own little addendum to the list. Books that might make you uncomfortable, if not scar you for life. I'm telling you, though, read at your own risk. These books are for those of you who take a dark turn of mind over the summer...

Nothing by Janne Teller: YIKES

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott: DOUBLE YIKES

The Children and the Wolves by Adam Rapp: OH MAN, MAYBE I SHOULD JUST STICK TO HATCHETT...



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