Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book recommendations for May

Happy May Day, y'all! We've got a super-exciting month ahead with author visits and our end-of-school par-tay, to say nothing of our usual round of awesome programs.  But let's take a moment to recognize two very special May events.

Our prom display this year is all about the jackets.  Book jackets, that is.  You may already have your dress picked out, but if you're still undecided then you may find inspiration on the cover of a YA novel.

It's much harder to find book covers with dudes in formal wear. Sadly, guys don't seem to get as excited about classing it up as the ladies. If you find that Duckie, don't let him get away.*

Anyhoo, we had to improvise...

Don't forget! Mother's Day is May 13.  We've put out a whole slew of books about that special lady.

Uh, if you could help us think of some where Mom hasn't died or done something awful, thanks so much!  But you know, you could still read one of these other books and appreciate your own Mom.**  Yeah, that's it.

*I promise, that will be my last Pretty in Pink reference.  Seriously though, if you haven't seen it, it is the best prom movie!  Well, except for Carrie.

**Or Grandma, or Auntie, or Big Sis.  They all get props on Mother's Day.


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