Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A plea to book jacket designers everywhere

Enough.  ENOUGH.

Y'all are a bunch of lazy, unimaginative, stock-photo abusing hacks.  Can't you even be bothered to send an intern into Barnes & Noble to see which photos are already being used?  Do you know how many kids ask for books and don't know the author or the title and are trying to track down a book with a description of the cover?  "Girl in a floofy dress" is not going to get anyone very far...

There have been a zillion blog posts about this already, but COME ON.  It was funny for a while, and was the inspiration for many a book display*, but it's getting to the point where one can't even tell what the freaking heck a book is about anymore, they all look like paranormal romances.  Or America's Next Top Model rejects.

I'm calling you out, book designers, because the intelligent discourse clearly hasn't worked.  Quit your jobs and step aside for designers with actual talent.

Or else someone come forth and 'splain it if you can.


*Books About Guys Even Though There's a Girl on the Cover and Same Photo, Different Book, to name a couple.


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