Thursday, March 15, 2012

That Grainy Audio, Be Still My Heart

Lots of people love audiobooks.* Some people like it best when the author reads their own work because all the vocal inflections will be exactly as they intended them to be. Other people prefer when someone with some acting chops (or at least reading-out-loud chops) reads the book.

Here is a collection of no-longer-living authors reading some of their own work. It's kind of cool because a lot of these recordings were pre-audiobook, and some of them are read to (very enthusiastic) live audiences. You might be especially interested in J.R.R. Tolkien reading a chapter of The Hobbit. I know I was especially excited about Flannery O'Connor reading A Good Man Is Hard to Find**. No matter who you're excited about, this is a pretty cool piece of literary history.

*If you're one of them, come on down to the library because we have TONS.
**Have any of you ever read this story? I avoided it my whole life for some reason and just read it for the first time last year and MAN is that story ever not about what I thought it was about.


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