Friday, March 2, 2012

TAB: Lord Byron Had a pH of 4.5

The following blog post is brought to you by Teen Advisory Board member extraordinaire, Maggie.

Being a wanna-be novelist, I look for things that I believe can make me a writer (as I avoid doing the actual writing that would probably get me there the fastest). I sit there and think: "What odd, quirky things can I have in my personality that will make me angst and experience such emotional vibrance that I will be able to write like Vonnegut?" Will I befriend a person who makes massive nests out of hair he collects from around his house, much like David Sedaris did? Or must I drink whiskey prolifically into the night, just to achieve some sort of fame like Faulkner? Better yet, I might just go a few years writing in a tiny hideaway with my face tinted green to look cadaverous, just like T. S. Eliot.

And then I get it. It's the food. You are what you eat, right? So if I eat like a writer, I must be a writer. Infallible logic. Thus, here is the link to the list of the snacks of the greatest writers, just in case any of you want to be writers yourself, by the tried and true habits of old (not seriously, though, please).


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