Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day & the safe side of love

Hey guys.  I'm not anti-love, anti-romance, or even anti-Valentine's Day, so long as the baked goods keep coming.  This post is totally pro-love, it's just that sometimes love is freaksome and sometimes it is embarrassing.  But we should all get over it so we can get to the good stuff.  Proceed!

MTV's GYT (Get Yourself Tested) site tells you what you need to know about STDs, getting tested, and having that awkward conversation with your guy or girl.  If it's really love, you both will see beyond the awkwardness and be super-glad you made the effort!  No joke.

On the topic of healthy relationships, there's been a lot of discussion about Chris Brown's appearance at the Grammy Awards.  Some think he's penitent and should be given a second chance.  Some think the aftermath of the 2009 assault is strictly between him and Rihanna.  Some think he shouldn't have been on stage because his performance was garbage.

All worthy conversation topics, so have at it!  Let's just all agree that someone smashing you in the face is not romantic.

OK. If you or anyone you know, male or female, is in an abusive relationship YOU CAN GET HELP.  It won't mean that you are stupid or wrong or don't deserve love. 

Because to finish up with a line from another celebrated Grammy performer, "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all."  Go eat candy.  And brush your teeth afterwards.


  1. I will have my girl read this. And my boy in a few years:)!