Friday, February 3, 2012

SWOON at the ICA

Street artist, Swoon, has an exhibit at the ICA, which will be up until December. She's got a GIANT instillation on the museum's entry art wall, reaching 40 feet tall. Not only is this is the largest instillation the museum has had on the wall, but it is so very amazing as well. The photo to the right is not in this exhibit, but displays Swoon's intricate paper-cutting techniques. So pretty. And I bet most of you have seen her work, as she's plastered images up in Central Square. I could say so much more...or you could just watch this video of some teens interviewing Swoon.

(P.S. The ICA is always free for ages 17 and under, and free for all every Thursday evening from 5 to 9 pm).


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