Monday, January 9, 2012

Literally the Best Thing Ever: Rookie Magazine

Have you guys ever looked at the online magazine Rookie? It's billed as "a site for teenaged girls", but goodness gracious, I think there is something here for everyone:

  • Awesome playlists for any occasion.
  • A regular feature called "Literally the Best Thing Ever" where they tell you about the best things EVER.
  • Original Fiction.
  • Original Art.
  • Sex and Love advice
  • REAL style advice: as in, things actual people would actually wear to a party, that you probably actually already have in your closet.
  • Fun, funny, GOOD writing that doesn't treat you like an idiot just because you may be young, or you may be a lady, or you may be really interested in how to apply fake eyelashes.
Check it out, folks! And Happy New Year!


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