Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TAB: Anthropomorphic Tales

Hey guys! So in reading The New Yorker recently, I stumbled upon his hilarious article called "Animal Tales," by Simon Rich. It's from their Shouts & Murmurs section, which if you don't frequent and check day and night more often than you breathe, you really ought to start. It can lead to a wonderful realm of wonderful knowledge (much alike Narnia, but without the evil)!

Anyways, this article is all about taking things from the perspective of animals. I've seen it done before, but not for humor, and it's great!

Here's an excerpt of the article, which consists of three conversations (frogs, dogs, and chickens):

“Well, it’s another beautiful day in paradise.”
“How’d we get so lucky?”
“I don’t know and I don’t care.”
“I think I’ll go walk over there for a while. Then I’ll walk back over here.”
“That sounds like a good time. Maybe I’ll do the same.”
“Hey, someone refilled the grain bucket!”
“Is it the same stuff as yesterday?”
“I hope so.”
“Oh, man, it’s the same stuff, all right.”
“It’s so good.”
“I can’t stop eating it.”
“Hey, you know what would go perfectly with this grain? Water.”
“Dude. Look inside the other bucket.”
“This . . . is the greatest day of my life.”
“Drink up, pal.”

“Hey, look, the farmer’s coming.”
“Huh. Guess it’s my turn to go into the thing.”
“Cool. See you later, buddy.”
“See ya.”

Well! Hope you guys are enticed to check out the humor section of The New Yorker! Even if political commentary ain't your thing, chickens must be, right? Unless you're a vegetarian, in which case we can go for the soy protein equivalent (talking soy protein? o.o)\



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