Monday, October 17, 2011

Scary Times

If you've been in the Teen Room lately you may have noticed that we have not one, but TWO scary book displays. You may have also noticed that we've been trying to read some short but terrifying stories and poems during the 3:07 announcements.Maybe you've seen the skulls. And the cobwebs. You may have gleaned from all this that we take Halloween, horror, and being-scared-out-of-your-pants pretty seriously around here.

That is good gleaning, guys. You're right.

If being spooked isn't your thing, then go past the two book displays, avert your eyes from the spooktacular movies on the shelf, plug your delicate ears as we read tales of terror outloud. Surely you'd want to stay away from our Horror Movie Screening at 4pm on the Thursday before Halloween.

No matter who you are, though, you will probably find these pictures hilarious. I can't believe no one thought to do this before. Leave it to Canada...



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