Monday, August 15, 2011

So Good They're Bad

We all have characters in books we love to hate. The evil villain with a soft side. Or better yet the evil villain with NO soft side.

Josie Pye.

President Snow.

The crazy aunt from this book about goats I just read*.

You're not supposed to like these people, you're supposed to like NOT liking them.

The woman behind the blog Bookshelves of Doom wrote a little post about a different kind of book character - the hero you're supposed to love, but really just really can't stand. Have you ever been reading a book and realized you're kind of rooting against the main character? Have you ever just wanted to shout "Shut UP, Katniss, it's not all about you!"

If so, this list is for you! Check out the comments, and add your own list here!

(I have to say it made me laugh when she mentioned Stargirl. I liked that book, but she has a point.)

*It's called What Comes After and it's by Steve Watkins. It's great but SUPER sad.

**The picture of Mrs. de Winter from the movie/book Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Also a great book, but man, do I ever want to give her a good shake.


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