Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great Moments in Graduation History (pt. 1)

Let's start with a book shall we?

The View from the Top by Hillary Frank

In the months leading up to high school graduation there are about a million things you could choose to focus on. How awesome your post-graduation life is going to be. How terrifying your post-graduation life is going to be. All the people you never have to deal with again. How broken your heart is going to be because of all the people you aren't going to see everyday anymore. It seems like everything is about planning all the sudden, but what about right now? The View from the Top is about a group of seniors and the pressure they're feeling to define their friendships, to declare their love, and to figure out who they are -- all before graduation day.

(Stay tuned for more books, movies, shows and songs about graduation, and leave your own suggestions in the comments!)


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