Wednesday, April 20, 2011

where i come from there IS no SAT...

No, but for real.

I never had to take the SAT. We all took the ACT. Because colleges where I'm from don't care about the SAT, I guess? Unless that's just what my guidance counselor told me because he thought I couldn't handle higher education. In which case: IN YOUR FACE DR. GULSHINKI! I am a LIBRARY SCIENTIST now!)

Anyway. This is Massachusetts. College-bound juniors have to sit for this test, and they have to sit soon. Juniors? Are you reading this? Instead of doing math portion practice tests? Are you signed up for May 7? Or June 4? Am I stressing you out?

DON'T BE STRESSED! Come by the library next Tuesday (April 26) after school for a fun-but-still-helpful SAT VOCABULARY SMACKDOWN! There will be competition, there will be candy, there will be one left standing - and that one will have the most magnificent vocabulary in all the land and will get a real-life PRIZE. Most of all it will be a welcomed break from crammy cram cramming.

You in? You're in.


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