Monday, April 4, 2011

Folly and Misadventure with Deva Fagan

Moving right along with our DIYA authors, today's post is for Deva Fagan.

Fortune's Folly takes the seeds of fairy tales and grows them into full-blown adventure. Fortunata has turned to fortunetelling after her father's shoemaking business hits the skids. So what if she only tells people what makes them happy? But after making a complicated prophecy to the Prince of Doma, Fortunata is compelled to join him on a perilous quest to make the false prophecy come true.

Prunella Bogthistle is another girl on a mission to prove herself. A less-than-successful bog witch, Prunella is wartless and curse-defective. Banished by her witchy grandmother, Prunella joins up with a young thief to steal a spell book and show the world who's really bad. Sort of.


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