Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ash, Huntress and Malinda Lo

Today's featured DIYA author is one of the founders of Diversity in YA, Malinda Lo.




(Can I have just one moment of girlitude where I gush about the dress on the cover of Ash? Everyone wants that dress, right? Right.)

The title is an allusion to the famous fairy tale about an orphan girl who toils for a harsh stepmother until the appearance of a fairy godmother and a handsome prince. This tale presents a more complex choice between being saved by magic and saved by love. In place of a fairy godmother there is a ominous fey suitor; instead of falling in love with a king, Ash is drawn to the royal Huntress.

Huntress is NEW, y'all! Really new, it just came out last week, and I have copies available in the Teen Room. In this romantic adventure (set in the same world as Ash but many years prior) two young women set out on a quest to save their people, facing the dark magic of the Fairy Queen.

Are you amped for this May 12th event yet guys? I made a display of all the books by these six authors, so start reading!


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