Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White Cat, Red Glove, Holly Black

Ms. Black posted this on her blog this morning -- check it out:


So, now that I've posted a zillion videos, let's talk books! Specifically the fine fine volumes in Ms. Black's Curseworkers series,

White Cat


Here's what you need to know. Curses, and the power to inflict them, are real. Requiring hand-to-skin contact, curseworking is ruled illegal by the United States government leading to 1) gloves as everyone's favorite fashion accessory and 2) the rise of curseworking Mob families!

Cassel is the black sheep in such a family: he has no curseworking abilities at all, just a whole load of horrible nightmares about killing his best friend three years earlier. But are those dreams trying to tell him something?

If you've already read Holly Black's other books then you know she brings original and gorgeous ideas to urban fantasy. Also, she's funny.

ALSO she's coming HERE to the library on May 12th as part of the Diversity in YA Fiction event (*swoon!*). Starting today, I'll be telling you about each of the authors who will be speaking at this event and their books.


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