Monday, February 7, 2011

I am weirdly pleased by this

Maybe because it shows that Cecily von Ziegesar has a sick sense of humor, which I never expected. Respect!

It looks like psycho killers truly are the new vampires, everybody. The hallowed Edward does have some creeptastic qualities shared by psycho killers...I guess it was a matter of course.

I for one, am hugely in favor of this development -- the fallen angel trend was freaking me out. If stalkerish boyfriends are here to stay in fiction, let us at least acknowledge that such behavior is not romantic.

While you wait for Blair and Serena to start chopping up people on Fifth Avenue, you can while away the hours with one of these quality psycho reads or films.

The Knife that Killed Me
I Am Not a Serial Killer
Slice of Cherry (on the wait list for this one, very very excited...)
Killing Mr. Griffin
The Midnight Twins

Psycho (the original, for Pete's sake)
Silence of the Lambs


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